Befriend an outspoken Pixi, and beat your enemies to the ground - The future holds unstable events - but you can predict these by utilizing your Pixi's awesome skills to survive!

Gate: Forward is a short action-platformer with  RPG -like elements.  Players will unlock time gates to return  to their point of creation, only to find out a disturbance that the future holds...


'K' to see skill information

'X' to attack

ARROW KEYS to move

SPACE BAR to jump

'1' , '2' ,'3' to activate Skills 


'1'  - Self heal

'2' - Auto targeted fire ball  

'3' - Look into the future


The Llama Concept: Development, Design

Art: Free assets ansimuz /

Music:  Free Music: BoxCat 

Development log


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Can i hold key to move?

(1 edit)

My bad, use the ARROW keys to move :)